About the Pool Noob

Pool Noob in his natural habitat

Originally from the Midwest, I relocated to the sunny state of Florida in chase of the all mighty dollar. Wanting to keep up with the Jones’, I felt it best to purchase a home with an in-ground swimming pool despite knowing nothing about maintenance and upkeep.

Over the last ten years, pool ownership has become a little easier but not without spilling a lot of blood first. So much blood in fact, I felt it necessary to document my pool ownership struggles frequently such that future noob pool owners don’t have to repeat my mistakes.

It’s important to note that I’m no expert. No expert at all. Just a regular Joe who happens to own a pool and hates spending money on things such as cleaning services and maintenance. All suggestions and tips are things that I have found works for me and may not actually be the optimal solution.

Sincerely, Pool Noob!